Weekend of Fun and Frolicking

It was a long week, a very very very long week. Hubster was working round the clock and I had Surrounded by Pretty and these two by my side


(This is how active they always are)

So yesterday we decided we wouldn’t do anything we HAD to, and only did things we WANTED to. This included driving to work for him (where I roughly sketched up some logos).

….and then we shopped (got candy) and ate!


J.Crew Darby Suede Loafers (orange)

Me Too Karson Suede Studded Flats (navy)

J.Crew Peplum (on sale!)

My goodness, I know these are not a new thing, but I cannot get ENOUGH smoking loafers. I’ve totally bailed on the ballet flat bandwagon, and am skipping my days away wearing smoking loafers.

I also picked up some staple pieces  including a white (ivory, somewhat) silk shirt (thank you very much, House of Evans), to prepare for interning in a few weeks!!! I’ve decided I have enough “fun” pieces and it’s time to grow up (yeah ok). But I tried to get some stuff that wouldn’t make me feel like everyone is thinking OMG DIDN’T SHE ALREADY WEAR THAT?!?!?! (Yes, I know nobody actually thinks that).

Ok so, boo, today is Sunday and our “work” day. It was fun while it lasted. Enjoy your weekends everyone! Fun stuff coming tomorrow (including a collabo with Rhiannon’s Interiors!) ::hint hint, I’m doing a guest post::

xoxo Stephanie

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