All I Want is a Bar Cart/Tray/Vignette

To have decanters, crystal tumblers, and liquor on display for all to see….is that too much to ask? Again, along with a green velvet couch, this is something I will wait for when we get our hard wood floors. (I’m assuming that after the installation of our floors, the purchasing of multiple rugs, and putting up moulding we’ll have money to spare for all of these items.)

If you keep a mental record of each and every one of my posts, like I do, you’re probably saying to yourself, “wow, is there anything this girl does not want?” and I’m going to say honestly, “not really”. Do I get all of these things? No. But it’s fun, OK, to imagine different pieces in your home and on your body.

So let’s explore the magical world of bar carts, shall we?

I have been crushing on this one for a long while. Tucked away in a little nook, a nook so girly and bright, but the black accessories and that brown liquor really packs the masculine touch. But look! There’s flowers on it too. Ugh love (and I want that heart print).

Look at this one!!!! It has a fun lamp!!!! I love how everything is unique and you can tell these people are super fun because they drink out of aquamarine glasses with black and white striped straws. The location is right under a naked window so it’s ok to not have curtains. It’s also really REALLY inviting and would make any guest feel comfortable to grab their own cocktails after throwing a couple back.

Gold and gray is almost as good as gold and navy. These people are super classy with their decanters and champs on display. Again, a fab lamp in addition to coordinating gold frames are there to offset the look so it’s more of a piece of furniture, not just an intoxication station, which is my point. The bar cart (IMO) is not there to insinuate party, it’s kind of just a fun accessory to a room. It sparks conversation (whether verbally or due to the alcohol that sits upon it) and it’s just plain ol’ fun to look at.

This one is hella fun. It’s a lot more cluttered than the others, but the styling, the mint green walls, the fuchsia roses, along with the blue glasses really help it pop. The brass bamboo cart really has me excited as well. I think this one would go splendidly in my dining room, it would offset my dark furniture and the imaginary hardwood floors perfectly.

I also really dig makeshift bars on existing pieces of furniture. It’s like you already had that dresser/desk/credenza sitting there and you’re all like “hey, we knew you peeps were coming over, we threw a little bar together for ya!” Or it could read, “we’re super relaxed and after dinner we head on over to our living room and top our evening off with a night cap”, either way, pretty cool.

I think what I like about it is the ability to change a space depending on how items are rearranged. Everyone can throw together a cocktail vignette right now if they wanted to. In my case I’d just have to move the 56-inch tv, grab a lamp, raid my liquor cabinet and maybe a plant or to and there we go. Also, the different colors, textures, and heights catch the eye and while maybe some of us think displaying liquor is trashy, think less frat house and more Mad Men.


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

xoxo Stephanie

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12 thoughts on “All I Want is a Bar Cart/Tray/Vignette

  1. Love bar cart # 3 – so stylish! I think I need to buy one for my house as I always have many guests – will be easier to serve them and plus it looks so chic. Thank you for ideas – very inspiring!

  2. I too, am on the search for the perfect bar cart…. I just need a bigger house! (not a small apartment!) I have been collecting all the various accessories such as vintage ice buckets, glassware etc…….. Bowerhouse (an Australian, Perth based brand) make the most incredible Bar Carts. You should check them out, Link is
    Jess x

    • I love that you’re collecting the accessories before the cart. Something I’d do, oh, I actually do that. Checking the site now, I also have multiple bar cart sites bookmarked. I need to rid the house of this carpet before I allow something so chic to be on its floor.

      • bahaha, I too, love and want everything… hence my Eclectic tag…… I think collecting the accessories before hand will help me choose what style of Barcart I’ll want… and this way I can still hit up Vintage markets and op shops, so I get my kick! hahaha Jess x

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