Networking? More like Netfunning.

I’ve been trying to plug the h-e-double hockey sticks outta this bloggie, I’ve made a facebook page, changed up my Instagram, started a new twitter ( @SBPrettyBlog ) , but the best part of it all is finding new blogs and seeing how these dolls write, getting a little inspiration, and when I’m feeling drowsy and incapable of creativity until a twitter convo like this happens:


Then somewhere along the lines this happened: rhonna

But first things first, Kristy’s Blog is brilliant. It’s a combination of interior design, travel (like real travel), and fashion. It’s light, fresh, and fun, the same kinda deal I’m going for with Surrounded By Pretty. I also spoke/fell in love with Christina and her blog, Design Vox. There are a buncha other fab blogs I found but these three stick out for being… well… just pretty: Tiina Decor, YOLOADORO, and Essenziale Home Designs.

So, yes, venture on over to those blogs and get lost in the pretty they have to offer. Are there any other pretty blogs you’d like to share so I can follow? Lemme know!

xoxo Stephanie


13 thoughts on “Networking? More like Netfunning.

  1. Reblogged this on House of Evans and commented:
    My absolute favourite part of blogging is being able to strike up friendships with fun and interesting people all over the world! Recently I got to chatting with Stephanie from Surrounded By Pretty and here’s what happened!

  2. All the best girls – us bloggers need to network for schizzle. I’d be keen to connect about interesting ways to boost our readers.Im yet to get on to Twitter. I never used the account, and for some reason i’ve been blocked! Boo! Keep in touch! Jess x

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