Lazy Bones: 1 Month Post!!!

I decided to let my hair down and have a girls night in with my bestest and failed to harness my creative juices to come up with a post. Ahh oh well right? WRONG! I wouldn’t have cared any other day…. BUT IT’S MY ONE MONTH SURROUNDED BY PRETTY “ANNIVERSARY”!!!! That’s right people, one whole month of pretty falling out of my fingertips.


Because I was a terrible blogger, I will give away a little project that is soon to be in the works for Casa De Pretty. We have this window see, a rill purdy window (with rill ugly, haphazard blinds):


But it’s nakey! So this is happening….


Shhhh don’t tell any one. Keep your fingers crossed that it looks as pretty when it’s complete as it is in my mind (thanks mama for sewing!!!)

xoxo Stephanie


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