Style Those Surfaces, People

A quick way to change a room is to style surfaces. By surface I mean end table, coffee table, console, basically anything with a… you know… surface. Honestly, this is my specialty, this is where I shine. As I’ve made very clear in a previous post, the living room is the heart of our home. We sit around the coffee table with our friends and family, so our coffee table is the star.

I style. I have this thing where I just love rearranging. I love vacuuming our living room, dusting the furniture, and finding odds and ends around the house to put on the coffee table (which is the star by the way). That’s where the cleaning fun ends. I wonder if people notice whenever they come over that the coffee table is different?

I’ve rounded up a few “pointers” and stared at my coffee table to get a few staple pieces written down. Some of these products are in my home, some I want in my home, and some are just awesome and I want someone to have them.

Candles. I need some lumination up on that table. I usually have a tumbler or jarred candle as well as taller candle sticks. Be wild, insane even. I take the fancy silver candle holders from my dining room and put them on my coffee table. I class up the joint with a white tumbler candle (take off the label) and it’s soooo fancy pants. A side note about candles: I know there are some realllll ‘spensive guys floating out there, I just go with good ol’ Yankee Candle. I usually use the large jars but (as I mentioned before) if I wanna get fancy I put a small tumbler out and take off the label.

Image1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Play with heights. Have ups and downs, make it interesting. If you have a low candle have a higher flower arrangement. Make the eye go to each element.


Flowers. Duh. Or a plant. Something alive. Sometimes it’s a last minute thing and someone comes over, I’ll cut a hydrangea outside, or move flowers from one room to the next. It’s a must. If not I am seriously embarassed and try my hardest not to call attention to it (this is seriously what goes through my head, and I know it’s not right)

Books/magazines. I love books and magazines on a table. They have to be current though, having a June 2013 magazine in August reminds me of a doctors office, I have a real issue with that. (See what I did there?)

ImageCoasters. Ok, you don’t have to have them on display, but have them readily available. But some coasters are just insanely awesome and should be on display.

Image1 // 2

Canisters/funky little boxes. I like this for holding remotes, chargers, etc. We have 4 remotes (I’m not kidding) but they’re all neatly tucked away in their little box.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Mementos/photographs. HELLO PEOPLE! YOUR WEDDING ALBUM! Put that sucker on the coffee table. You paid enough money for it, force people to look at it.

Tchotchkes, keep these to a minimum. There are some really fun things out there, but don’t over do it. Keep it to 1, mayyyybe 2 if they coordinate.

Tray. Who doesn’t love a fun tray? I don’t have one on my living room coffee table, but I’m about ready to get one for the entry table.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4

(the gold feather tray has been on my wishlist for two years, it’s not even pricey, it’s just not necessary, but then again, what tray is?)

So there we have it. Kind of all over the place, but this is how I work. I’ve also realized that majority of these things are stored away on my Pinterest boards (mostly my wishlist board). Could you imagine if I had all this stuff? I’d be a hoarder. If it weren’t for my husband, I would definitely be a hoarder.

xoxo Stephanie

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6 thoughts on “Style Those Surfaces, People

  1. Great tips! I think I’ve done alright, mentally checking off a few of these check points as I read through. Although I have to admit there were a couple of stumbling blocks… My flowers are fake (they are lovely and silk, promise!) and my mags may be a weeeee bit outdated…. Oops.

    • It’s a personal problem that I need to deal with because I honestly don’t think I’d even notice someone else having old magazines, but when I’m “cleaning” and I notice an old magazine I quickly remove it. I have an itty faux plant too. There are def a few fakies I’ve seen that fooled me good!

      • If that’s your biggest personal problem, then I think you’re doing ok in life hehe. I do love fresh flowers, hopefully come spring I can plant some in the yard which I can pinch for indoors

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  3. Great post Stephanie! I too rearrange my small apartment constantly. I need change and love to mix it up, especially the styling and furniture side of things. Luckily my boyfie loves doing this too. So he doesnt think im all too silly or crazy haha! Jess x

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