Frolicking about the Farmers Market

I love farmers markets. I never get to them though. Hub and I have been talking about getting to the Denville Farmers Market for weeks now, and finally we had a Sunday to do it.

First things first, we can’t do ANYTHING in the a.m. without a little caffeine in our systems:

photo 1We try to get to Mara’s whenever we have a free weekday morning. It’s incredibly quaint, the staff is sweet, and the have the best croissants around. Today they had 99 cent cookies and I ate the triple chocolate cookie too fast to take a picture, it was amazing.

Then we headed over to the market. It was the first time we went to this one, it was great. Overwhelming, but great. I haven’t been to a farmers market in awhile so I wanted to (and did) buy EVERYTHING.

First stop was at Fontanarosa’s stand where we picked up some ravioli (crab, spinach and chorizo, and roasted garlic 5 cheese) – – – I have a serious ravioli obsession, always have, always will, and freshly made mozzarella. My mom used to frequent the Ringwood Farmers Market and always buy these Ravioli, yum-o, can’t wait for din din tonight.

making mozz

After the mozzarella purchase I couldn’t leave without a coupla jersey tomatoes for a deeelish caprese (obviously).

I just love the way veggie stands look so I took a snappy of that natural goodness. I also got some peaches, haven’t had a good one yet this summer, I hope this changes my bad run. DSC01975

Next up we stopped for some pierogis because they’re basically ravioli, and I’ve already shared my love for those. But I saved the best for (almost) last. Flowers. I love the way these “farmers” bunch their flowers. They’re WILD. I can do monochromatic, I can do mixed textures, and I can do greens and whites (or reds, or pinks) but I’m never satisfied with mixing bright, bold colors. These peeps do it right. I just wanted to buy all of the bushels and put this setup in my 2

So after being fresh outta cash, hitting up every stand, and having all of our hands full I decided I needed a (hot and spicy) pickle on a stick – – – and then we packed our stuff up and headed home (where we are currently being lazy bones on the couch).

pickles and stuff

Hope you’re having a pleasantly uneventful Sunday like we are!

xoxo Stephanie


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