My Heart is in the Living Room

Isn’t the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home? Well, I couldn’t disagree more. Maybe that’s just because I’m bitter and have a tiny kitchen that has zero marble and less than stellar cabinetry. I think the living room/den is the heart of the home! My arguments include the following:

  1. Couches > stools (or standing if we’re in my kitchen)
  2. While the food is cooked in the kitchen, the snacks are served in the living room
  3. Wouldn’t you rather snuggle with your loved one watching a movie as opposed to watching water boil?
  4. Kitchens are dangerous, I burn myself every night.

Let me just say something right now, I cook ok. I love to cook. So it’s not a “I don’t know my way around the kitchen” situation. I love OTHER people’s kitchens, you know the kitchens with the seating or the kitchens that more than one person can move without knocking into each other. But for now, I just love my living room, and that’s why it’s the heart of this lady’s home.

In celebration of living rooms/dens I am going to share some of my favs (thank you Pinterest)


Well, isn’t this just the coziest room you ever did see? I love the different shades of gray and the textures. It looks thoughtless but planned out all at the same time. Bravo, lets snuggle.


Yes, those are furry ottomans. Imagine the girl gossip and martinis that go on in there. It’s bright, glamorous, but still inviting. That mirror is SPECTACULAR, I’ve been on the hunt for one of those.


Lacquer, tiger, and topiaries, oh my. A few of my favorite things in this eclectic yet organized oasis. (check out that chandy)


Ok, wow, that’s red and that’s pink. But isn’t it just perfect? Well obvi, Miles Redd. Whenever I’m obsessing over a space and I know it’s something I’d never 1) think of or 2) do, it’s Miles Redd.


Yay! More lacquer! Lookie at that lucite and brass coffee table. FAH-Boosh. This is the den of my fav blogger and designer, Peppermint Bliss. It’s all about the throw pillows people (and the windows).

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

I guess it’s supposed to be living room = formal and den = casual. I dunno, I had a few friends growing up who weren’t allowed in their living rooms. That always creeped me out. A room in your home you aren’t allowed to go in, but have to look at it. I just love lounging everywhere and don’t want people to feel uncomfortable doing the same. I say that’s what makes a house a home.

This has finally inspired me to take some pictures of my living room. – – I actually just asked one of my friends who has a fancy pants camera to see if he can do me a solid….. hmmm this could be funnnnn

xoxo Stephanie


4 thoughts on “My Heart is in the Living Room

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