I Spy with My Little Eye: Target

As I’ve said a dozen and a half times, I love home accessories, but I love switching them up more. When hub and I moved into our empty shell of a house we had to fill it, so being newlyweds and completely naive we filled it with the best. We spent top dollah on our living room, dining room, bedroom, etc etc. But then when that money was all gone we had all great furniture. That’s it. We needed accessories to help it feel like a home. I loved the $125 glass boxes from Crate and Barrel, but that wasn’t happening. I wanted the $200 poufs from West Elm, also, not happening. So I had to be creative. I started to fill my days with venturing around our area for home stuff (now, mind you, I had lived with my parents up until this point and had no experience or interest in home decor up until this point). This was when I discovered Home Goods. Yum. Then I found Zgallerie, double yum. But there were still little things I wanted around the house to spruce things up. Then we went into Target. Wowie. They really do have some cute stuff. I decided to go on a scavenger hunt around my house to find what fun stuff we’ve scored from Target (and I’ll even share with you their surroundings).

(((Descriptions are above images, I spent over 2 hours trying to make it all zig-zaggy and captions to the left or right of the image, but wordpress did not allow that to happen)))

Note to self: Learn how to work this friggin thing

This here is a Nate Berkus beaut. I love Nate, I love that his style is in target, and I love that it can be in my house without breaking the bank. Unfortunately I cannot find the REAL link for this basket, but here’s a mini version and I ain’t gonna scoff at. This was around $50, and I think it adds an heir of sophistication to the room (open it up and there’s dog toys in there, and if I don’t leave this open pieces of wicker will be strewn around the house because in a fit of rage they’ll decide they want the squeaky octopus they haven’t sniffed in 9 months).


Next up is this gem. To be honest I really wanted the one from West Elm, but this was when we had spent all of our monies on the furniture and we didn’t feel like it would be a wise (haha wise, like an owl) financial decision to spend too much on a silly lamp. So I googled “owl lamp” and voila! Target to the rescue!


This “urn” I guess we can call it, caught my eye every time we strolled the aisles. It’s another Nate Berkus doo dad. Obviously I have a love for black and white as well as bold prints but hubster said it was unnecessary (it totally is). One day as I stumble in from a snoozefactory class I see this little guy sitting upon our coffee table. This “urn” marked the first (and last) “no reasonsurprise from hubbers. (Sorry, it’s not available anymore, but the good part is there’s way more fun stuff piling up on those shelves)


Oh boy, these poufs. Poufs were SUCH A POINT OF CONTENTION around here. I wanted them, he didn’t see the need. Ok look, I love to entertain, and while we may have the largest couch ever, people still sit on the floor. We’re all “adults” now and I really don’t want people to have to sit on the floor while we’re playing drinking games conversing over cocktails. So I wanted poufs, now of course I see these suckers for like $60 at home goods, but way back when poufs were a hot commodity and you could get them for $200+ or get ugly ones. We did neither. SCORE!


I almost didn’t include this, because it’s so silly and frivolous, but isn’t that what this is all about? That frame over there, yea, the chic blue one with the super lovey dovey engagement picture in it. That guy was $2. I schwear. You have to make sure you check out those crazy red stickers. I couldn’t believe it myself. I remember we waited in line for 15 minutes just because I couldn’t pass it up.


These lamps were like hitting the jackpot. For about 7 months we didn’t have lamps in our bedroom. I didn’t even like expensive lamps, I just didn’t know what the h-e-double hockey sticks belonged in our bedroom. These basically shouted at me from 3 aisles over. You should’ve seen how I acted when I spotted them. I pretty much put them under my shirt no one else could even look at them. The shades were sold separately and while they aren’t steady and are always tilting, I still think they’re a-ok.


And last, but certainly not least, is our guest room/office/bedding/futoning. During a crunch time moment we realized we didn’t have bedding for impending sleepover guests. We used to let our guests sleep in the lap of luxury with down comforters but our dogs that were rescued from shelters felt they deserved such treatment. So this left our guest sleeping on a naked futon. So I ran to Target and was pleasantly surprised with their “mix and match” selection. I have developed a “thing” for this sort of style (hence my soon to be happening master). I went for it, Target Style. It’s cute, I like the quilted look of it and the sheets are soft flannel (ooh la la). Those super awesome tiny pillows at the bottom, yeah those were Target too. I move them all over the house because they fit in with any room. I love love love them.

target bedding

Yes, we I fully support Target’s cheap and ever changing style in this home. Go in, take a gander, they have something for every taste. Even just to mix things up! Put a green lacquer studded tray on the coffee table, or a wicker pineapple on your media stand (both things I want), but just make sure you have enough storage and/or don’t become a hoarder. This is the kind of stuff I see myself putting up in my attic or hidden away for awhile and when I feel like changing stuff around being like “eek remember that urn!!! Yes I want that again!!!” So go to your local Target and go crazy.

xoxo Stephanie

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3 thoughts on “I Spy with My Little Eye: Target

  1. I enjoyed reading this. 🙂 Saw on your about page that you want to be a psychologist, I studied Psychology in college. It’s been a while but I still find it fascinating.
    I’m at a point right now where I literally can’t even justify buying super cheap stuff at Target and the like. It’s an awful first world problem, haha. BUT hopefully that will pass and I can get on with my decor-obsessed life!

    • Oh there is absolutely no reason for it at all, and I’m bordering on overkill territory. I have to lay off, that’s for sure.
      I am actually finishing up my school psychology degree and interning starting next month, I have to do something to support the home decor addiction.

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