Wallpaper Desires

I want to wallpaper our house. Ok no, I just want to wallpaper the bathrooms and laundry room, just the teeny rooms, I promise. I was at a loss for what to blog about today and hub told me to blog about how awesome he is, then I remembered how awesome he was until he said “no” to wallpaper. Seriously people, how awesome are these wallpapers and how wrong is he for saying no?

wallpaper 2

1. Hygee & West – Daydream: imagine flitting through a laundry room, folding undies, matching socks… it would be a…. dream

2. Cole & Son – Gucci Flora: ok, it’s Gucci Flora. No words need to be said, imagine this papering your surroundings.

3. Thibaut – Cheetah: bathroom walls, it’s so cute. I love that you wouldn’t notice they were little cheetahs until you were all up on it.

4. Ferm Living Shop – Animal Farm: ok, maybe they show it in a child’s play room, but imagine an all white bathroom, with white subway tile, white white white and this fun wallpaper? So fun, even for adults.

5. Scalamandre – Zebras: my ALL TIME FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE wallpaper, it’s even the wall paper on my laptop.

6. Domestic – Wild: Cozy tiny hallway bath, such an impact with some wainscoting and a bead board.

7. Pottok Prints – Little Whales: adorable, I picture with a modern, oversized stand alone tub. Fun black curtains and some non-bathroom furniture. I love it.

8. Thibaut – Tanzania: so rarr, this can be in an office or in the oversized walk in closet of my dreams.

9. Osborne & Little – Walk in the Park: well this is just adorbies and that’s that.

Let’s see some of these shine:


Image (and design) via: Peppermint Bliss


Image source unknown

So all of these right? So fun!!!!! Oh, I want this to happen:

K, Bye!

xoxo Stephanie

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13 thoughts on “Wallpaper Desires

  1. I am so obsessed with #6, “Wild”. I found it a while back and was just STUNNED by the amazingness. It does lend itself to a kid’s room but I would definitely consider putting it somewhere else. However… there is probably no way in hell my boyfriend would ever approve, haha.

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