Blogger Inspiration: Peppermint Bliss

Before I started Surrounded by Pretty I was a blogaholic. But not like a million blogs, there’s 5 specifically. I stalked them all day everyday. A few days after I started Surrounded by Pretty I decided to write my favorite blogger a sort of “thank you” note.

Now see here…. Way back when (3 years ago) I had started to plan our wedding. I was overwhelmed, but I didn’t even know what I wanted until I saw THIS. Now for those of you who were at my wedding are probably like “What, not even close lady”, I know, but it was that it was fun and unique without being trendy! Everything I thought I needed went to the wayside, and the planning went smoothly from there. I just chose everything I loved, if I thought it was pretty, it was included, if I thought it was kitschy, it didn’t happen. I had a blast and the wedding was nothing short of perfection. Ever since my wedding I tell all of my friends getting married, “Everyone feeds off the bride, if you aren’t happy, everyone will know it”. And I’m not talking happy as in with the groom, no no no, I mean happy with the day. Everything needs to be to your liking, and then everyone will see your beaming face and dance the night away. Trust me. (but don’t be a bridezilla, or everyone will resent you, again, trust me)

So back to the point, ever since I saw the coverage of her wedding I have been visiting Peppermint Bliss on the daily. Her taste is spectacular, because it is fun! When we moved into our home I VERY loosely developed her style. By that I mean just collected everything I loved and arranged it in a house and I think it works. (Like our wedding, I said yes to everything I loved and when it was all put together, it worked!) – some people have been asking for me to do a post on my wedding, it was 2 years ago but I will definitely do a post on that.

Ok so, I emailed my fav blogger and she wrote me back! It gave me the encouragement I needed on this lazy bones Monday….


xoxo Stephanie


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