Vice Numero Dos = J.Crew

A few weeks ago I admitted my first vice, but any of you sweetums that know me for realsies know I’m a shopper. Like a real life, bonafide shop-per. I love the experience of it all. I love the sounds, the smells, the organization, the shiny floors, the trying on, the final tally with the sale percentage taken off, and the swiping of the credit card, ahh I wanna go now. For those same sweetums who know me know that J.Crew is my main squeeze. Oh lordie luuu I love love loveee it. Everything is just perfection. It’s preppy, but not too preppy, printy but not too printy, and stripy but not too stripy. I can honestly say that my J.Crew gear is the only gear that has stuck around and hasn’t been shoved into one of the “maybe this will come back one day” bin. So I know what some of you are thinking 1) LAME-OH, 2) What’re you rich!?!?!?, or 3) EEEEEk I know RIGHT?!?!?!. Here’s what I have to say to all of you 1) shut it, you’re lame, 2) Yes, so rich. Not, I’m a sale girl (more on that in a sec) and 3) yayyy let’s go shopping!!!!! Back to sales, yeah, J.Crew has em, and they’re rillllll good. When I get that magic email that tells me cardis are 30% off I jump in my car and head on over, when I find out the entire store is 25% off I call to see if they have products I’ve been stalking online (I really do this) and when I hear its 50% off sale items I buy 2 pairs of pants, a pair of shorts and a phone case for $60. Bam.

Ok, enough about all that, I’m starting my internship in September and internship = work without pay show off how amazing and professional you are. I show off how amazing and professional I am when I feel good in my threads. So I’ve been perusing and keeping my eyeballs on some J.Crew pieces I can mix with some cheap stuff to look and feel like a million bucks. Lets take a look see, shall we?


1. Embroidered Polka Dot Top: would look simple, fab, and fun with black matchsticks

2. Red blazer: no explanation needed (well ok, cropped chinos and oxfords or leopard print pumps)

3. Goodwin Purse: I change bags a lot and this would fit in my line up perfectly

4. Capri Tuxedo Navy Blue: ok, these are a reach, but I can’t stop staring

5. Green Cardigan: I have a ton of these, but one can never have enough… and I don’t have it in green

6. Quilted Hobo: I have this “non-quilted” and I love it, but quilted!!! YUMM-OHH

7. Jewel Bracelet: because we all have to be a little fancy

8. Black Stretchy Minnies: a must have, these will go with it all

9. Red Suede Pumps: rarrr

10. Leopard Print Pumps: rarrrr rarrrr (double rarr)

11. Black Oxfords: a smart and most logical choice for running around all day

So hopefully I score some of that beauty up above there, everything can be mixed and matched and nothing is too crazy to veer away from my current wardrobe. Whatcha thinking? You Like??????

xoxo Stephanie

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6 thoughts on “Vice Numero Dos = J.Crew

  1. I too love J. Crew but apparently don’t have good enough sale radar as I has none of it in my closet. Have you checked out J. Crew Factory? I don’t really understand how it works but it’s all J. Crew stuff straight from J. Crew (or from the factory, I presume), just cheaper. And they have sales too on top of that.

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