Hold Up Hold Up Holllllld Up, H&M Home!?!?

Am I the last person in the whole wide world that didn’t know H&M had a home line? Are. You. Flippin. SERIOUS!?!?!? It’s perfect for random sprucing up and cheap spicing of the home persuasion. I have been really trying to drive up traffic to the site and played around with WordPress and found some fun new blogs to follow. I came across this blog, Copy Cat Chic and it’s PERFECTION! As I’ve mentioned multiple times I love changing stuff around, but spending tonsa monies on it just is not my style. Staple pieces, yes staple pieces I can argue, but pillows and candles and vases…unfortunately the lifestyle of a post-masters student/intern does not afford me such luxuries. (I also just stopped writing this for about 15 mins because I have been falling deeper and deeper into the Copy Cat Chic hole.)

Back to the pretty…. I went through approximately 700 H&M Home items and rounded up my favs. There’s a pretty obvious theme going on here, but give it 2 months and my taste will change and I won’t feel so bad about spending $5.95 on a pillow.


How fun are all of those pillows, I mean COME ON!!!! (1. black 2. b&w aztec 3. b&w polka dot 4. silver 5. orange 6. scales 7. lumbar aztec) That black and white floralish table cloth is a breath of fresh air compared to the either solid white or overdone patterned cloths I usually see. Those bathroom accessories are just trendy and fun, and I want them. The southwestern hand towel would be a great addition to my kitchen. (Does a hand towel go in a kitchen or is that only tea towels? I don’t care, it’s going to happen. Unless it’s like that terrycloth material… eh we’ll see) The copper tea light holder and copper candle holder, omigoodness, yes. And lastly, that gold canister. Why? More like why not?

What do you think? Do you have any more cheap/trendy home stores you’re hiding from me????

xoxo Stephanie


6 thoughts on “Hold Up Hold Up Holllllld Up, H&M Home!?!?

  1. You beat me to the punch! I was planning on posting about H&M Home tomorrow. 🙂 I’m such a sucker for H&M it’s pretty ridiculous, but I have no shame about it. It’s a great place for fun accessories that can change a space without hurting my wallet. Well, maybe it hurts my wallet a little bit…


    • One or two things don’t hurt the wallet, but when you have 28 things in your arms the $17.89 a dress starts to make a dent. Now that we can order online though it’ll be easier to space out the purchases and may not be such an instant shock to the bank account.

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