Finding inspiration…. in storage….

So I wake up casually on Sunday morning, I think everything is fine. It’s the first day we don’t have “plans” (we are not “plan” people but I feel like we’re always doing something). We take the hounds for a morning stroll and hub asked, “is there anything you want to do today?” And a sudden panic hit me…. the….. laundry….. room. It stresses me out. When we moved into our house we put EVERYTHING in the kitchen. All those super cool appliances that I love to use, but don’t use frequently enough for them to take up counter space were shoved into cupboards, cabinets, and anywhere they fit in the confines of our kitchen. Then we put up shelving in our laundry room and those fun appliances started trickling in there. But then teeny little elves snuck into our home and started moving these things from room to room and locations were never consistent. So anytime we were having company there was a search party called in to find a platter or the food processor, who loses a food processor? We do. (back to the point) When we got back into the house this happened: ImageThat explosion came from this teeny room: ImageI always wanted a quaint, cozy laundry room. However, real rooms got in the way and I wanted to beautify the rooms people actually sit in, and not where we spend 10 minutes at a time on the weekends folding clothes and matching socks. But with the mess, the misplaced kitchenware, and incessant rattling of the crockpot on the dryer it needed to change.

As we were taking everything out and trying to reconfigure or think of how to organize without having to install more shelves onto the wall (that didn’t help the first time) a light bulb went off. You know those people that have photographic memories for things that actually help with school and life in general? Well, that’s not me. I have a photographic memory of movie trivia and random interior design images but can never place where I saw them (both the movies and the interior images). In this instance it wasn’t a fabulous living room or outdoor space, it was a shelving unit. I did remember it was from Target so I started my search. I went to all of my go-to blogs and just searched target, target shelves, target shelving, and then…. I found it. An entire post on how to style wire shelves, and they were from Target!!!!

So we went, I searched Cartwheel and omigoodness!!! There was a coupon for this EXACT shelving unit. So we ran over, picked ‘er up… and voilà!!!!Image

Agghhh so so so soooo much better right!!! It’s not even all that pretty, but I keep sneaking in there to look at it and I feel so satisfied with this Sunday project. It really is the little things (this “little thing” stands 72 inches tall) that makes me happy. AND WITH A COUPON!?!?! YES, PLEASE. So yes, if you have a “situation” going on, suck it up, and buy a free standing shelving unit (google term I learned today) and put it any ol’ place. This place makes it look so pretty! Ah… ok I have to go look at the laundry room again.

….and now a little side by sideside by side storage

xoxo Stephanie

Come on Target, that was a really good plug. Help a sister out.


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