Coupla Kids at the Sussex County Fair

Hub and I have been together for 5 years, every year the Sussex County Fair was open we’d threaten to go, but never made it….until this year. It was just as I remembered it. Some strange fair-goers, but more fried foods than any human should consume, the smell of diesel and horse manure, and taxidermy classes all meet at the Sussex County Fair Grounds.



First things first….. food. I got myself a yummy pizza, the others got pulled pork. We all ate it too fast for me to get a snapshot, but don’t worry, I didn’t finish my pizza.

ImageThe trick with food at places like this is to not get caught up and run to the first stand that’s offering pizza, because I’d be pretty mad if I got some eh pizza and missed the opportunity to get pizza from a local eatery.

Then it rained, no it POURED, so we headed for shelter in the animal pens where we strolled amongst big winning livestock, I took too many pictures but here are my favs:


Pig butt.


Cray bunny.


I wanted to steal this and hang it alongside the pig and cow butcher charts I just acquired.

Shortly thereafter the sun reappeared and we got ourselves a caricature to fancy our walls in the movie room.ImageImage

Then we ate more, and then….. this: Image

The zipper, hub wanted zipper, and zipper he got. YES after pizza, pulled pork, fried oreos, fried twinkies, red velvet funnel cake. It was a little touch and go for awhile after but I’m a survivor.

It was fun a blast and something we’ll probably do every year. So, until tomorrow, happy Sunday!!!!

xoxo Stephanie


One thought on “Coupla Kids at the Sussex County Fair

  1. I’m reading this as we head over to our 4H Fair in Titusville located on the Howell Living Farm (The Village was filmed there). Cannot wait to smell the manure!:)

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