Blabbing on a Saturday

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to not go hard (design/decor-wise) on weekends, for not other reason than I’m eventually going to run out of stuff to say haha. So I’ll just blab about goings on, shopping trips, surprise packages in the mail…..

So yesterday evening into night my oldest friend came over and we blabbed, told each other how beautiful we were, and enjoyed some refreshments of the alcoholic persuasion. I love love love cocktail evenings because I love putting together snacks, dips, and munchies. The amount of time I take choosing cheeses and googling the hell out of dip recipes is alarming.


Anyways, it’s raining which is really putting a damper on our fun day of purchasing a hot water heater (one home purchase I will not be taking photos and gushing over) and going to the fair, which is my excuse to eat everything fried and gain 17 lbs. So until then I’ll sip my iced coffee and scream at the internet for making this quick post take over an hour….

xoxo Stephanie


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