Masculinity with a Side of Whimsy

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So yesterday’s post about my LA lady got me digging through the pins, and through all the fabulous rooms that made me wish my house was grand or that I was going through my masculine stage when decorating my current home. I love my home, I do, but I’m a shopper, a changer, and I like to mix stuff up. My house is…. “traditional” with moments of whimsy. Kind of like how I dress. I have all staple pieces, but every once in awhile I go nuts and buy a leopard print shirt and wear it under a poppy cardigan. That is my house.

So back to masculinity, my girl and I have had differing tastes, but we both loved each other’s home. As we’ve matured, so have our tastes, and we have a lot more similaries than before. It’s good that we aren’t exactly the same because then we wouldn’t ask for advice or help, this way we get a fresh perspective. Back to pin digging, I have dug out my most favorite rooms and spaces. These remind me of the style she is going for and I wanted to see if I could pinpoint specifics or ways to recreate this style in a personal way.

So, what I see in all of these spaces are either dark or white walls, pops of color, and definitely some whimsy. I feel like it’s all very rustic/midcentury/opulent/clean. I love that these rooms are all very eclectic and that while they are all from different sources, they could be the same designer. I dunno, I just love them. It’s funny because these are the things I admire in private, I look at them over and over to try to see how I could bring the feel of these spaces into my home. But then I also feel that I could do something that is more me, and someone could walk in and say “Yes, Stephanie lives here” because none of these spaces scream me. But I loooove them, so how do we make this more “her”? That is going to be the beauty of all of this, and that is the fun in putting together a home.

xoxo Stephanie

PS: I just spent more time on citing those photos than the actual blog and inspiration board, thanks a lot grad school for making me a wreck. I’m so scared some famous designer is going to see her/his photo on my bootleg inspiration board and will sue me instead of taking me under their wing and telling their influential friends to check out surrounded by pretty – tell YOUR influential fiends to check out Surrounded by Pretty!


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