LA Built Ins

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So, my go to design (and all decision making) gal up and planted herself cross country. The only thing that is keeping me sane is the fact she will be working East Coast hours. So yeah, this is THAT friend that gets 576 picture messages that are attached to mundane questions such as “white hydrangeas or whitish green hydrangeas” or “do these shorts make me look like a stump?” and she answers me within seconds, because she understands the importance of a second opinion on things SOME PEOPLE (ahem hub) don’t care about. So anyway she moved, and I am sad but thrilled that I get to get to help someone decorate. Well, she wasn’t even there 24 hours and she sends me pictures of all her walls (there was even luggage visible) and asks for my help with my favorite thing in the whole wide world PAINT COLORRRRS!!!!!!!! This is going to be difficult though, I tend to pull paint colors from an emotion I get from the space (coo coo, coo coo) but I have to be able to look out the window, feel the air, and have my presence in the room. Unfortunately I will not be IN these rooms until they are painted (I will be taking blog pictures from inside that house…I promise you that). So anyways she sent me some pictures, we’ve discussed paint colors, and color schemes, accessories etc etc. I couldn’t focus, because all I have been thinking about for 24 hours is this:


It’s GLORIOUS!!!!! I love love love love built ins. And and and this one has moulding around it!!! Eeeekkk!!! Before she left she sent me something I pinned awhile back, a pin I drool over quite frequently:Image

So obviously we all know this has to happen. Here are a few colors we talked about, a few I found, and then just some I think deserve a shot:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.30.29 PM


So we both feel that soot rocks the casbah, but I think the other contenders would look fab with white accents, brass might be pretty awesome too, either way glossy bright white better dress that trim. I’m jealous that she’s going to get to scope out fun stuff to put on these shelves of perfection (I will probably force stuff onto her)…. hmmm this is just going to be gorgeous WHATEVER she decides put into action, however I am excited to help decorate from 3000 miles away.

xoxo Stephanie

PS: Coming tomorrow, my design inspirations, dreams, and new “style”. I think my LA lady is loving this look too and maybe we can help her score it in her new digs.


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