Vice Numero Uno = Pinterest

I procrastinate worse than anyone else on this planet. It’s really bad, terrible actually. I am a post masters student and honestly, I don’t know how I’ve made it this far. When I say I don’t know how I made it this far I don’t mean in school, I mean still being alive. At the end of every semester I have 47 heart attacks and verbally assault the people in my life I hold nearest and dearest to the point where I’m scared to sleep because I fear they may strangle me.

I digress…. (naturally), but when Pinterest was introduced to me I wasn’t like “hey this is neato!” or “omg yes now I don’t have to have folders upon folders of bookmarks that I forget about constantly!” No, I thought, “oh no, this is only going to hinder me from doing everything in my life I’m SUPPOSED to be doing.” But, I went with it and obsess over it pretty much every day. My boards are categorized in a way maybe only I understand, but each and every one of them are perfection. I refer to them when I want to do ANYTHING in my home, I browse for hours while my laptop burns upon my lap (probably cooking my insides), and I look at luxurious rooms and am able to pinpoint one tiny facet in the photo and bring it into my every day life. Here are a few of my recent favoritos:

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elephant printstyled tray

fancy poolgreen librarylakehouse patio oversized chandeliermasculine gallery wall fun dining room

xoxo Stephanie


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