Here I go….

I’ve tried this before, hopefully this time it’ll stick, a blog that is. I talk, a lot, I blab actually and sometimes things that come out of my mouth evoke positive responses from my conversational counterpart (whomever it may be) and I get, “you know what, you should blog”. So, there we go, and here I am.

I plan on blogging about what the title says, surrounded by pretty. I love interior design (I’m no pro), I love planning parties (my wedding was amazeballs and I love playing hostess), and I love fashion (I’m no Daddy-warbucks but I can rock the H-E-double hockey sticks out of a $12 dress).

So here we go, I will blog about the aforementioned, perhaps a little about my life, and my rule is that I will try not to be dramatic (I have a tendency to do so, but I would never admit that aloud). I hope you enjoy!Image

xoxo Stephanie


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